La Villa Chiquitana
La Villa Chiquitana
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Historical Park Santa Cruz La Vieja

Santa Cruz La Vieja, a unique place to understand the history of the conquest of South America. Along a path under the shade of the forest, you can discover this archaeological site of great importance that was "The Old Santa Cruz", founded by Captain Ñuflo de Chávez on February 26, 1561.

In the excavation work they found ceramics, utensils and remains of constructions that allow to demonstrate the characteristics linked to the material life of those who were the architects of the founding of the old capital.

The Historical and Archaeological Park Santa Cruz The old one is 3km south of the town of San José. It is a Protected Area of ​​17. 080 ha. , located in an area where different types of forests converge: the Cerrado, Chiquitano and Chaco.

The Park is part of a proposal to establish a new conservation area called "Block of Chiquitanas Serranies and Concepción Lagoon Basin", formed by the Serra de Chiquitos, the Santa Cruz La Vieja Historical Site and the San Diablo Serrania.