We offer you dedicated services with the ‘French Touch’ for which we are famed, as well as excellent facilities. Our staff will be attentive to all your requests and wishes.

    The hotel is situated within a large flower garden with a pool and shaded areas that allow for rest and siesta! The panoramic views to the nearby Serrania de San Jose hills are enhanced by the numerous exotic birds, such as the amazing toucan and magical humming birds.

    The hotel is built from adobe and local timbers in a colonial style to blend into the Chiquitano environment. There is a wide terrace and various open galleries complemented by grassed areas.

    The 16 bedrooms and one suite are decorated with local artefacts and paintings, each room being unique. The rooms are named and decorated in a variety of regional and international themes as part of your discovery of the Chiquitania.

    Our restaurant offers national and international food with natural juices made from local fruits